Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer: Which one to buy?

After looking at all of the models available in the market most of the people get confused about which model of the Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer to buy? Th...

After looking at all of the models available in the market most of the people get confused about which model of the Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer to buy? They hunt the internet for information, compare the prices read the review but still most of the time they remain confused after reading the negative reviews and not believing on the favorable reviews. 

Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer In my opinion most of the unsatisfied users generate the tones of negative reviews but the satisfied user usually do not come forward to write a review and that is the root cause of the availability of the negative reviews in great numbers online. As far as the Foodsaver Vacuum Sealers are concerned Tilia Foodsavers are the market leaders in American market. When you decide to purchase the Foodsaver it is always better that you decide according to your budget. Another most important thing is if you have a problem of the leftover wastage and storage problem after buying in bulk then you should definitely go ahead with your purchase plan. 


After price factor the design factor becomes the driving factor for most of the purchases. There are host of models available for you to select from. Most of the Foodsaver Vacuum Sealers available nowadays have the option for vacuum port besides having the facility for the vacuum sealing of bags. One more feature is quite common and that is single touch operation.  The Tilia Foodsaver model 550 meets all these requirements quite efficiently. It draws vacuum for as long as it takes to suck out the air, then seals. The Foodsaver 550 is quite loud; you can’t hear a conversation during the vacuum process. The Foodsaver 550 and its compatriots have served many users well over many years, so it should work for you as well.

While you are using the Foodsaver the main consumable you re4quire is the different sizes of Foodsaver bags, you can easily count them as the consumables for this machine and here is the catch for you, since the material used to make these bags are special and it can easily withstand the pressure and high temperatures, they are a bit expensive. You can save on this item easily by using the Foodsaver rolls and that can give the freedom to make the custom sized bags for your Foodsaver. If you find these rolls also costly enough then you can go in for the generic rolls for the Foodsavers and that way you would be able to save enough. Another option is the use of the Vacuum port and wide-mouth jar and canister accessories. The jar sealer and the canisters are the real money savers as they work for you really long. If you take care for the rubber parts then these accessories may serve you till ages to come. The touch and hold button turns out to be a viable alternative if you can manage to hold a finger to a button for about ten seconds. The two-handed hold down machines is out from the mind of the users. The Foodsaver 550 requires a 20 second cool down waiting period. The seal strip heats up even when you use the vacuum port. All of the Foodsaver machines have manual sealing; you can use that facility to make a bag from a roll of bag material.

22 Responses to “Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer: Which one to buy?”

  1. Ron B says:

    FoodSaver cannister are of poor qualiy plastic that is prone to cracking. Once the cannister is cracked it is useless. FoodSaver is nonresponsive to customer complaints. I would advise that you NOT purchase any FoodSaver products.

  2. custom woodwork says:

    It is true that sometimes one sided comments or reviews make a wrong impression of the product.There should be a logical and true review…so that the buyers can get a fair picture at large.

  3. Vicki L says:

    I have now purchased three Foodsavers. Two model V2040. Neither one has worked. One never worked. The other does vacuum but will not seal. A very bad product. Not sure what to do now

  4. JOEL BAILEY says:

    Just about every one of the cannisters cracked and are useless. The vacuum hose will not retract and virtually makes the entire unit useless. V3860. Recommend do not buy Foodsaver. Since purchased by Jarden, seems to have gone down.

  5. Vicky says:

    I don’t believe that there is a lack of positive reviews. Quite frankly this product is garbage. Don’t buy one. Save your money and get a commercial one. Hopefully one that is not made in China. I have had 3 food savers. I don’t use them very often and I don’t use them very hard either. I have had one regular foodsaver that I bought at Sam’s that lasted the longest. Then when that died we bought the more expensive Gamesaver model. This lasted 13 months. We just got it replaced by the company with the same model and it has lasted me about 3 mos. I can say that with this latest one I think I may have sealed 4 dozen bags with it. I am very disappointed with these.

  6. Mark says:

    I have 2 different units for years and love them… Maybe people that have problems with them aren’t as smart as the machine itself!

  7. Wendy says:

    I came to this site because I was looking for some trouble-shooting tips. I just had 3 bags out of 15, so far, not vacuum the food. The vacuum activated (you can tell because of the very loud noise), but quit, and then sealed the bag even though I pressed and held the cancel button. I have used it about 4 times since purchase as I buy meat in large quantities and then freeze it. Does anyone have any suggestions about what I may be doing wrong? This is the 1st time this has happened.

  8. Reed Walstad says:

    Don’t buy the plastic containers, 1 1/2 2 1/2 qt ,after a few uses they crack at the bottom and leak , What a piece of Sh t ! And they don’t care according to Doug in custumer service , they got your money .

  9. Lane says:

    Wendy, it sounds as if you might have the bag in to far. It sounds like your machine reached its max vac pressure and started the sealing process without actually sucking the bag (as the opening was not in the vacuum port tray). When you have to stop the sealing process I have found it is best to immediately open the unit to move the sealing strip away from the bag. And to open the bag in case it is almost hot enough to seal, and may, if allowed to remain against each other.

    As to positive reviews, I am one of those guilty of not posting them. I have had 4 food savers and not a problem with any. All of my purchases after the original have been upgrades while passing my old ones on. I also use mine very, very much. Packaging my own meats, using it for cheeses, stoppers for cooking wine bottles, jar lid seal and using the various cannisters including for coffee beans. I have had a few of the cannisters fail (cracking) but have had no problem with any phase of customer service since day 1.
    I would, and do, recommend the food saver product to anyone, as it is a money saving device if utilized properly!

  10. Grace says:

    While I can sympathize with the frustrations of those who use the FoodSaver for sealing plastic bags, I must weigh in on the subject and declare my enthusiasm for my FoodSaver. I’ve had my machine for several years now and wouldn’t be without it. I don’t use the bags, just the attachment for the mason jars. I try to avoid using plastic containers wherever possible, not so much for the off-gassing of the plastic–don’t even know if that applies to the FoodSaver bags and containers–but I’ve found the plastic bags can give a plastic-y taste to delicate dried foods such as bread crumbs. I use the FoodSaver almost daily, keep all my baking supplies, with the exception of flour which is too fine for the vacuum, in jars. Dry food will not go stale–nuts, coconut, corn meal, wheat germ, brown rice, crackers, to name just a few. I dehydrate fresh fruit in season–apples, strawberries, nectarines, tomatoes–which keep for a long time and won’t get crushed. Spices kept in the small jars keep forever (how often do you use fenogreek?), and now I have a large collection of them I might not otherwise have had, all ready wherever the cooking muse takes me.

    As for the bags, I will use them for things in the freezer, but ZipLocks and a straw work well enough for me. I have had trouble with them keeping their seal.

    About the jars. I did have trouble with the regular-mouth-jar attachment, but now use two lids while vacuuming, removing the top one after sealing. I also found some 2-quart mason jars which will hold a lot of stuff. One other advantage with the jar system is storage. I’ve found it far easier to keep cupboards organized with jars than the bags, which would slide off the shelf. If you can find square jars, even better.

    Hey, Mr. FoodSaver Man, any chance of making a compact unit with just an outlet for the hose? I realize that you make a ton of money with the bags, but my twenty-something environmentally conscious nieces and nephews would never buy the bags, but would love the jar system. Oh. Any chance of making a GEM jar attachment? : ) There. That’s my two-cents worth.

  11. rex says:

    I recieved my first one has a gift, never really needed one, but now that I have one, i tried to vacuum everything i put in the freezer. I’ve tried steaks, ribs, fish fillet, and fish whole. So far, my only problem is with fish whole. After i finish vacuum, put in the freezer, only later to realize the bag has opened up again, sucking in air. After inspecting, the bag contained no holes, somehow, the seal always let up. I find this very frustrating, as I was expecting my fish to stay fresh, expensive lost.

  12. Victor says:

    We have the Foodsaver V835. It worked perfectly for 2 years. Got it out this year to freeze some corn. The sealer works,to seal the end. But when I use the vacuum on the bag it will suck the air out, but not seal it.

  13. Cheryl says:

    I’ve had 3 prior foodsaver (pretty basic models) over 15 years of foodsaver and used them a lot for bulk food puchases and repetitive sealing (40-50 seals) when going camping and could not live without one. When the strip on the last 2 gave out.. I bit the bullet and paid around 250 for the professional III plus since it was recommended for repetitive sealing and had a wider strip, no crush feature etc. I tried to use it to prep for vacation and was totally frustrated with the sealing ability (this from a user with a lot of experience at getting tight seals and conservatively using bagging material) that I was able to accomplish with past machines. The next time I went to use the machine it only intermittently vacuumed or didn’t vacuum at all when the vacuum button is pushed. If the button is held manually it will vacuum about 80% but never seal unless you hold down the top to keep the air from going back in and push the seal button.. but the result is that air is inside so you never have a vacuum seal resulting in ice forming inside. Since I have experienced wonderful air tight results in the past with all prior machines this is very frustrating. I didn’t address the problem with foodsaver in time so now am stuck with this expensive machine that is only good for presealing the bags when making them (which by the way it very good at.. and with the one touch button frees up my time) I’m prepping for vacation now I am planning to purchase a second (non-Foodsaver brand) machine for vacuuming and will use this one for prepping bags for that machine.

  14. Larry says:

    Purchased moded V2440 February 2008. Used intermittenly. Now Jarden customer support advises motor has gone bad and machine needs to be replaced. Where is the food price savings if a machine only lasts two years? Not pleased with performance of this applicance.

  15. Reinier says:

    Firstly I want to address the morons that say that if I have a problem with this machine they are wise and the rest of us that have pro0blems are stupid.

    People who make comments like that are in desperate need of psychiatric help and if you don’t get it your more stupid than the machines you brag about.

    I came here looking for answers, not to find insults.

    I have now purchased 2 Foodsavers that worked great for about 20 bags, then slowly the amount of suction was less and less and it’s kicking out as though sufficient vacuum has been made. The last machine I bought was a v2040 and it wasted about 10 bags now, and by the way buying the machine is cheap compared to the price of Foodsaver bags.

    Now I would love for someone from Foodsaver to give me and the rest of us with similar problems an answer as to how to either fix it. If not maybe starting a nation wide recall may be the answer.

  16. Terry Olson says:

    I have honesty tried three of the foodsaver models and find their products unreliable. Slow, frustrating. I wouldn’t use this company or their products if such were a gift! A nightmare!

  17. Renate Koenig says:

    I love my Foodsaver! This is my second one, and I only bought it to upgrade. I wanted the one-hand option. My first one went to an appreciative relative.

    I was hoping that I could vaccuum-pack moist foods without freezing them. I didn’t want to add the paper towel as I wanted these meals to put in boiling water to heat while camping. It didn’t work, so I’m disappointed in that. But I did find a way! I freeze the food by placing the filled open bags in plastic containers and draping the top of the bag over the lip of the container. This allows me to freeze the food in a block and my liquid doesn’t spill out. After it’s frozen I just seal it.

    I have pies and baked goods that taste as fresh as I put them in months before. I actually found some foods that have been in the freezer for 5 years and they tasted as good as if I had put them in yesterday! I’ve dehydrated apple chips and used jars to store them in.

    I wouldn’t be without my Foodsaver!

  18. Brian says:

    Rex – I have occasionally had the seals not be as tight as I would like because (a) the number of Vegetables in the bag does not allow the lid to close as well as it should while keeping the bag in the vacuum channel and/or (b) I am vacuuming items I have just washed or are juicy — what I have started to do when working with these situations is putting a double seal on the bag – after the vacuum/seal process, I move the bag about 1/4 or 1/2 inch and run it again – not worrying about the vacuum channel. This way, if my first seal fails due to moisture on the surface or something, the second seal I put in will keep the air from entering the bag

  19. Ellie Pierce says:

    I purchased a foodsaver V3840 less than 2 years ago. At first I thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. I am a widow, live alone, and was able to purchase foods and package them into smaller amounts for myself. The product was not used that much or abused. I tried to use it recently, and the light would go on, but no seal, no nothing. A friend of mine opened it up and found that the vacuum tube was cracked. I called customer service only to find out that opening it up would negate the “warranty” which I didn’t realize was even in effect. To make a long story short, DO NOT BUY this piece of crap! It does not last, it needs something more done as far as it’s mechanical design and engineering, and their customer support SUCKS (no pun intended. This is the only thing that does suck related to the machine) I got absolutely no satisfaction whatsoever from them and they did not seem to care that they had an unhappy customer. I will never recommend this product to anyone and will go back to using freezer bags again!

  20. Sandra says:

    I am on my second foodsaver, the first one finally quit sucking air. I use mine probably daily, as I buy & store huge quantities of meat. Buy cheese in large blocks, cut in forths & seal, last for months without mold. Also use for leftovers. The canisters have never bee a problem for me, I store uncut lettuce with the leftover peppers & cukes set on top, & it lasts for 2 weeks. Great for keeping marshmallows fresh, as I use them rarely. I do not use the cannisters for much else, however. Make large quantities of tomato sauce or chili, pour in bag & seal-lay flat to freeze. Make an extra lasagne, freeze, then seal-wonderful!! Reused bags only seal about 2/3 of time, hi failure rate once used-too bad..Love my foodsaver!

  21. bob says:

    On my third one. Loved the first one. Worked great till it turned on by itself and started to smoke. Purchased another and it never vacuumed well. Made a strange whistle along with the loud motor. Found a deal on the top of the line model. I’ll let you know if third time is a charm.

  22. Pete Curtis says:

    I have owned 4 food saver products as I fish alot and live in a remote area and use them to preserve my meats and fish.. each one has been an update of the last and all have been great until I purchased the V3460.. and It has been a disaster.. it only vacumn every second bag and the sealing strip over heats after just 3 sealings.. it is a pain in the butt.. time to look elsewhere for a professional sealer

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