Foodsaver V840 lets you to vacuum It, Seal It, and Enjoy It!

Most of the people love buying in bulk as this is a great way to save money. But when it comes to food purchases, buying in bulk only makes sense if t...

Most of the people love buying in bulk as this is a great way to save money. But when it comes to food purchases, buying in bulk only makes sense if the food stays fresh so it never goes to waste. Here the Foodsaver V840 comes into the picture. This appliance pays for itself, within no time, because it allows you to vacuum seal your food items, thus they stay fresh up to five times longer than other storage methods. Vacuum sealing usually removes all of the air from the storage container. Whether you use the special bags, or the canisters, removing the air inhibits growth of mold, yeast, and bacteria which can spoil food in conventional containers.

The Foodsaver V480 is a white, plastic rectangle. There’s a 28″ power cord. The top of the machine contains a cutter to be used when you want to make a custom-sized bag from a continuous roll of plastic and a 3-position control switch. The 3 positions of the control switch are for seal only, vacuum and seal and vacuum and extended seal. On the top of the machine there is a cancel button, an instant seal button, an indicator light and an accessory port into which you attach the hose for canister sealing. When you lift up the lid, you see a roll holder, a storage compartment for a roll of plastic bags, the vacuum channel, a removable drip tray, and the sealing strip. This machine can be cleaned with a mild soap and warm water.

The Foodsaver V840 comes with lots of other products like the Foodsaver bags – 12 × quart size, 5 × pint size and 4 × gallon size bags. These bags are quite thick and made out of material specifically designed for vacuuming and sealing. While you can seal other types of bags but you can not vacuum those bags. These bags are a bit pricey but you can also wash them and reuse them several times. The only way to open a sealed bag is to cut the bag under the seal line, so you lose about an inch off the top of the bag each time you reuse it. The bags are also microwave-safe, and recyclable. Foodsaver rolls are long rolls of the same plastic that the bags are made of. They come in different widths, but you unroll the plastic to whatever length you need, to make any size bag. The vacuum canister is a specially designed canister that is useful for storing liquids, dry goods or anything that you want to easily access and then re-seal frequently.
It’s actually very easy to use this machine. To vacuum seal bags first place the food items in the bag, leaving at least 3 inches of space between the food and the top of the bag. Then lift the lid of the machine, and place the open end of the bag down into the vacuum channel. Now close the lid and turn the control switch to vacuum and seal or vacuum and extended seal if you are going to seal very moist or juicy foods. Press down firmly on the lid until the motor starts. Wait 3 to 5 seconds, then release. The motor will continue running. First the vacuum process will remove all the air. When the vacuum process is finished, the sealing process will start. Once the seal is finished, the motor will shut off automatically. Lift the lid, and your bag is now vacuum sealed. To open the bag, simply cut the bag below the seal line. The motor is not excessively noisy.

4 Responses to “Foodsaver V840 lets you to vacuum It, Seal It, and Enjoy It!”

  1. Shermie says:

    FoodSaver, sorry to have to put it to you like this, but your food vacuum sealing machines are all PURE JUNK!!

    I bought four of them, and they were all short-lived, lasting only a few months at most! I will NEVER buy another FodSaver machine ever again because they all break down too prematurely!! I’ll try other brands first.


  2. Jacob says:

    The food saver is pretty good overall, but it has many ugly flaws. First of all I can wrap my food with plastic wrap and place it in a zip lock bag (that I can reuse), and get just as little freezer burn as with the food saver. The larger problem with this machine is the cost of bags, and the fact that the newer machine does not allow you to manually seal the bag. 1.5″ on each side of the bag is wasted before the heat seal. That is 3″ per item you seal. An 18 foot roll is $20. If the average sealed package is a foot, that means that roughly 25% of the roll is wasted. That is $5 per $20 roll, that makes me sour!

  3. Joyce says:

    I have the Foodsaver V2040, all I can say about it is”What a piece of junk.” It will only seal about once in every five to six tries. I have to cut the end of the bag off and try again, ultimately running out of bag and I have to get another one. Food also gets freezer burn. My old Seal-A-Meal worked much better for several years before biting the dust.

  4. Redd says:

    Model V2050 Foodsaver. The melting strip quit after 2 uses. This is the second one I have purchased. Won’t do it again.
    And I agree with Jacob about wasted bags.

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