Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer: Which one to buy?

After looking at all of the models available in the market most of the people get confused about which model of the Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer to buy? Th...


After looking at all of the models available in the market most of the people get confused about which model of the Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer to buy? They hunt the internet for information, compare the prices read the review but still most of the time they remain confused after reading the negative reviews and not believing on the favorable reviews. 

Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer In my opinion most of the unsatisfied users generate the tones of negative reviews but the satisfied user usually do not come forward to write a review and that is the root cause of the availability of the negative reviews in great numbers online. As far as the Foodsaver Vacuum Sealers are concerned Tilia Foodsavers are the market leaders in American market. When you decide to purchase the Foodsaver it is always better that you decide according to your budget. Another most important thing is if you have a problem of the leftover wastage and storage problem after buying in bulk then you should definitely go ahead with your purchase plan. 

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Discount Foodsaver with the discount coupons


The Tilia Foodsavers are the top sellers in the American market; still many people can’t buy this product due to the high pricing. The only way out for them is the discount coupons. These coupons are available online on many sites. The coupons usually have a code for availing a specific discount on the purchase of the Foodsaver unit. To use a coupon code, you have to simply click on the coupon or discount offer link to go directly to the website. After you are finished with your shopping activities, you have to enter the promotional discount/ coupon code into the coupon or deal box during the checkout process.

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Foodsaver V840 lets you to vacuum It, Seal It, and Enjoy It!


Most of the people love buying in bulk as this is a great way to save money. But when it comes to food purchases, buying in bulk only makes sense if the food stays fresh so it never goes to waste. Here the Foodsaver V840 comes into the picture. This appliance pays for itself, within no time, because it allows you to vacuum seal your food items, thus they stay fresh up to five times longer than other storage methods. Vacuum sealing usually removes all of the air from the storage container. Whether you use the special bags, or the canisters, removing the air inhibits growth of mold, yeast, and bacteria which can spoil food in conventional containers.

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Compare Prices – Tilia Foodsaver


When you have already made up your mind to buy the Tilia Foodsaver, one of the best Foodsaver available in the market then you may be willing to compare the prices of Tilia Foodsaver models. We have tried to compare the prices for your ready reference for the latest models available in the market:

            Products                                   Foodsaver site

FoodSaver® Advanced Design™ V2860        - $209.50       $157.10
FoodSaver® V2060 Vacuum Sealer Kit         - $79.99        $79.99
FoodSaver® V2440 Advanced Design™ Kit   - $139.99       $110 to $135
FoodSaver® Advanced Design™ V2840        - $169.50        $110 to $170
Vacuum Sealer Kit
Foodsaver® VAC 420                                - $39.99          $39.99
FoodSaver GameSaver Turbo plus White       - $299.99         $299.99
FoodSaver Professional III Plus                    - $279.99          ——-
Foodsaver® Advanced Design™ V2240 Kit     - $99.99          $95 to $100
FoodSaver® GameSaver® Sport                  - $124.99        $125
Foodsaver® V2040 Vacuum Sealer               - $79.99         $80 to $100 
FoodSaver® GameSaver Pro                        - $199.99        $190
FoodSaver® GameSaver Turbo                     - $299.99        $279.99

Beside these rates you can visit the www.,,,, there are many more sites beside these you may find many more sites on the internet they would provide you the quite competitive rates.  

Foodsaver Products: List for you to select from


There are many products available for you from the hose of the Foodsavers to select from; they range right from the appliances to the accessories like:

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Some innovative Foodsaver Tips for you


If you are using any machine then it is quite natural to come across some problems while using it to tackle them effectively most of the time you require some tips for smooth and easy operation of the machine, it goes same for the Foodsavers also. For this very purpose we have accumulated some tips for smooth operation of this machine. Like it is always better to add additional few inches to the bag for each time the bag will be opened and resealed. It is advisable to pre assess the number of opening and resealing the package would undergo and leave sufficient margin prior to vacuum packaging for the first time. It is also better to vacuum pack your food item with smooth surface of bag facing up in the machine. If you always wipe inside top edges of the bag clean before vacuum packaging then you may rest assured that you are going to get better results every time. It also goes true with the case of the vacuum packing of the canisters; here you should clean the rubber gasket. 

If you are trying to vacuum pack very moist foods like raw fish, meat, fruits etc. then to protect the vacuum pump from absorbing moisture you should place a folded piece of paper towel inside the bag between the food and the seal line or wrap the food with paper towel. The paper towel would soak the moisture and your pump will be saved from getting the moisture. Raw meat and poultry can be coated with a dry seasoning rub/ paste or a thick marinade before being packaged. Avoid using more liquid for meat, poultry, fish or vegetables. Vacuum packaging draws the seasonings into foods so very little quantity is needed moreover it is better if you use the canisters for the purpose of marinating or seasoning.

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Foodsaver Canada: Foodsaver jumps over the Border


Foodsaver came to existence in the America and after becoming the number one brand in the America it crossed the borders of the neighboring country Canada. The Foodsaver in Canada is available through the JCS Canada, 20 Hereford St., Brampton, Ontario, Canada L6Y0M1, Telephones- 1-877-804-5383 and 905-593-6100. Beside that the Canadian people can purchase the Foodsaver Vacuum Sealers online from various sources top of them being the,,, You can also fine the addresses of the dealers who deal in the Foodsavers in the Canada from—rival-vacuum-sealers.html.

People in Canada are also using the Foodsavers, and more or less the Foodsaver from the house of Tilia has become the market leader there also. Since America and Canada are neighboring countries hence the availability of these machines is not a great problem for the people of Canada. As the Foodsaver vacuum sealers are available there in the local market as well as through the online stores. Not only the Foodsaver brand is available in the Canadian market there are number of other brands also within the reach of the Canadian people.

If you are getting difficulty in getting the spares and service in Canada then you may go to, they would be able to supply you the accessories also beside the spares.    



FoodSaver Reviews


When you make up your mind to buy a Foodsaver for your kitchen then mostly you try to locate the top reviews for the machine. For your ready reference we are giving here below some of the latest reviews from the net for your ready reference:

Worth the money!, January 22, 2008
By  Jem (MD, USA) 

My husband and I were tired of freezer burn on our meat, so we decided to invest in a sealer and see if it would help. It is just us and we like to buy in bulk and freeze. We’ve had this unit for almost a year now and it was worth the investment.

At first, you think you’ll seal everything in sight. And we did. For about 4 weeks. Then we stopped doing it on everything because it became a burden and focused on specific foods. We don’t bother with cheese and other perishable items that we…. (Read full review)

Item: Foodsaver v2490
by rlister
When my husband first bought me the foodsaver v2490 I thought it would be yet another unused appliance in my house. I was pleasantly surprised when I realized all the many uses that it had. I first began using the food saver to make freezer meals. I have never had any problem with freezer burn since buying this product. I have been…… (Read full review)

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Foodsaver advanced design – is it really advanced?


Some time you require more than just a food vacuum packaging system and the Foodsaver Advanced Design has been designed for many uses right from vacuum sealing foods in bags, canisters or jars, to airtight storage of collectibles or supplies. The Advanced Foodsaver will extend the shelf life of your food items up to 5 times longer as compared to the conventional food storage procedures, retain freshness, protect from insects or moisture and prevent freezer burn. These machines are sleek, stylish and convenient for every modern kitchen. This is a kind of machine that will quickly pay for itself with less food wastage and longer shelf life of the stored food items. It will provide you the opportunity for huge savings.

The positive features of this machine are it is very easy to operate and maintain, a versatile machine for more than just freezer packaging, this model has advanced convenience features for the users, the state of art flip-up design makes it easy to store and the machine includes numerous accessories for multi uses the only negative aspect behind this machine is that the bags and rolls are costly otherwise there was no problems detected with this machine.

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Foodsaver Ideas: Just for you


After you have purchased the Foodsaver machine always be sure about to watch the video that comes with your Foodsaver, it’s really amazing to know all you can do with this wonderful machine. You can do so much with your Foodsaver around. The Foodsaver takes a fair amount of space when it is being used for vacuum sealing, but the flip-up design saves you counter space. The canisters are worth having to vacuum store brown sugar and dry cereals, it may help you to keep the fruits and vegetables fresh, it helps you to store the left-overs, and the list is endless. It is always advisable to cool hot foods before vacuum sealing. You should always make sure that there is not too much moisture in the bag, if moisture is there in the bag then you should follow the instructions regarding paper towel use and always keep the sealing area clean and dry.
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